is not like other singing programs.


Don’t enter…unless you’re ready to choose

your own vocal improvement adventure.

Otherwise, turn back now.

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But if you’re still here…
then the following
must be true about you:


  • You graduated with top honors from “Prestigious Musical Theatre Program”… but regardless of your academic achievements, you only ever book ensemble member roles. (Please, no more Townsperson #2!)
  • Or, maybe you’ve sustained an injury to your voice… but even after treatments and therapies, your voice isn’t what it used to be. You feel like the vocal equivalent of the long-distance runner who broke their leg but can’t even jog to the mailbox anymore.
  • You might also be in a fading vo-mance with [insert commercial vocal method du jour here], and you’re beginning to see its many faults. Your wandering eyes have led you here.
  • You’re a “somanaut” who’s fascinated by the body, movement, biotensegrity, and somatic experiences… but you can’t seem to find a deep, interoceptive, and science-based way to work with your voice the way you know you could be.
  • As a teacher, you want to provide your students with the best education possible…but when you look closely at your bag o’ tricks, you notice it’s small, worn down, and missing tools. You even find yourself wondering “Does providing tool + tool + tool = a holistic approach to better singing for my students?” (Oops. It doesn’t.)

If you want to keep trying more of the
same—your adventure ends here.

But if you demand a solution that will
really work, keep scrolling.

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THE SINGING SELF PROGRAM has two options: one for singers and one for voice teachers. Whichever suits you best, each is a comprehensive, guided body/voice/self learning journey from the inside out! If you’re ready to check it out now… go ahead, get clicking!

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Every adventure story needs
a mentor or guide. Am I the one for you?



I’m Robert Sussuma, creator of THE SINGING SELF PROGRAM. This program is my valentine to every singer and voice teacher who’s tried all of the popular vocal techniques out there—and found themselves whispering, “Is that all there is?”

After a harrowing escape from a vocal cult (for juicy details click here), I realized that the best singers need a different, fresh take on their voices and how to improve them. The same ol’, same ol’ would never get them there.

When you enroll in THE SINGING SELF PROGRAM, you’ll find yourself presented with an array of adventures in the form of lessons that challenge your fundamental understanding of the voice…leading to better singing, teaching and, dare I say it… a better you.

“When I lost my mum a few years back, the bereavement reflected on my voice and affected my singing career. Since I started working with Robert and using his Singing Self Program over the last year, I have not only regained the lustre and brightness in my voice, but it is more powerful, healthier and more flexible than I ever thought it could be. It’s like having a totally new and better voice!”

Anupa P. (Singer and Voice Teacher from Chennai, India.)

Will you heed the call to adventure?