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is not like other singing programs.


If you prefer the same ol’, same ol’

singing and vocal instruction,

turn back now.

Still here? Excellent. Come closer… because somewhere deep down you know that the techniques that got you as far as you’ve come so far are not the ones that will catapult you to the next level.

You’ve been dutifully mee-may-mah-moh-moo-ing like everyone else.

Faithfully fellating your straws in the name of the ever-lovin’ SOVT.

Buzzing your lips, trilling your tongue, humming…you know, the same ol’ same ol’ that every single singer has been sleepwalking their way through since the dawn of the Bel Canto in Italy in the 17th Century.

You see, the problem with all of these techniques and exercises… isn’t that they are bad unto themselves, it’s that they only make sense under a certain logic. It’s like something my mother used to say during chore day to me and my sister: “You’re not cleaning, you’re just moving the sh*t around!” You’ve got nice furniture, but moving them around and polishing them does not make them better!

You know at heart that you’re a vocal rebel, yet why do you find yourself…

  • starting to sound like a Canal-Street knock-off of Adele, Justin Timberlake, and/or another Idina Menzel or Jeremy Jordan impersonator.
  • Feeling the effects of that vocal injury that’s never really healed… and you feel like the vocal equivalent of the long-distance runner who broke their leg but can’t even jog to the mailbox anymore.
  • still sounding exactly like you did after your first year of voice lessons.
  • still playing Townsperson #2 or Wench #3 at the local theatre even though you maybe-sorta-coulda bought a Bentley or a Bugatti with the money you spent on your university education by now.

Just moving the sh*t around has you you down, stuck, and you’re craving something new, really different even: to have a different experience of learning. You’re ready to find your voice 2.0!

It’s time to tear down and rebuild your vocal house, not just put up some bright, chintzy drapes!

There’s just one question: HOW?

If you want to continue this adventure, and crack the code of your own voice, keep scrolling…

Private lessons aren’t always the solution… why?

  •  They’re slow and expensive. (Once a week!?! – The old days of moving in with your voice teacher are long gone.)
  • Most teachers are doling out lots of information and asking you to repeat the same thing until you finally get them… but, do you? It might work sometimes, but are you genuinely learning?
  • On your own, you keep trying to recreate that time when it worked, but you don’t know how. So you end up becoming dependent on your teacher for something that should be yours and yours alone – full ownership of your vocal capabilities.
  • What’s missing from most voice lessons is… GUIDED, ORGANIC, SELF-ORIENTED LEARNING that leads to genuine learning and integration and models a process that you can continue to expand upon, on your own, indefinitely.

Genuine learning is discovery, neurological repatterning and integration. Practice is repetition of what you’ve learned in order to clarify, contextualize and strengthen your discoveries. If you aren’t genuinely learning, what are you practicing? Hmmm…

In The Singing Self Program, the learning happens in unusual and dynamic ways that STICK. No “practice” needed.

It’s not what you do, but how​ you do it that makes the difference!

Here are the 4 myths that are keeping you from cracking the vocal code…

“After years of training and specialization, I peaked. My voice has changed as much as it can”

Nope! Singing is a learned function. The learning can be revisited and updated endlessly IF that learning is approached in the right way! There’s a magic sweet spot between rigidity and chaos that one can refine and grow. That nagging sense you have that you’re good, but you could really be even better is real… but the approach that got you to “good” is not what will get you to great!

“I’m sick of all the warming-up, but I still have to do it, right?”

NO, GOD NO. That’s something we’ve all been told… and it’s wrong. Constantly warming-up when you don’t actually need to is like negative hypnosis. You’re conditioning yourself to not be able to be ready at any time! (Stop that!) Maybe in the beginning it was necessary to get you “trained up” but now… it’s holding you back!

“The exercises that got me to where I am will also get me further.”

Nope. At a certain point, a paradigm shift is needed to cross the threshold from “good and predictable” to “great and spontaneous!” That paradigm shift is one that requires that you let go of the rigid habits of the past and step into a more playful, interconnected and nonlinear process. It seems scary at first, but the freedom and growth you will experience after is SO worth the transition!

“I should believe my teacher when they say that I’m good and I’ve learned what I needed to learn.”

You know, maybe you’ve learned all that they can teach you, but in your heart you know there’s more. You know you’ve got more in you. You haven’t peaked yet! And, YOU’RE RIGHT! There’s so much more. But, the path to access that hidden potential is not a straight and linear path… you need to vocally “off road” and start learning to do what you already know how to do in lots of different ways!

The Greatest Barrier to Vocal Growth and Process​:

Hey, guess what is the #1 killer of vocal joy and excellence? It’s something no one would ever expect…

Get ready for it…

<​drum roll​>

Vocal Exercises!

I know, I know… according to the established view, this is blasphemy.

But, here’s why I say this…

If you have a vocal problem (breathing, high notes, cracking, etc.), and you attempt to “solve” it with an exercise… you’ve just ensured that you will always have that “problem” for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Let’s say that exercise worked. Now what… you wake up and the same problem is back. All you can do is do the exercise again. Wash, rinse, repeat… but, the clothes NEVER really get clean. They just look a bit cleaner for a while.


Because exercises are about fixing, not about learning.

If you really learn what you need to to be able to understand what you are doing and how you can do it you don’t need exercises you only need your connection with yourself and awareness.

Instead, you need to be:

  • expanding your self and vocal awareness,
  • exploring new movement and sound patterns outside of any performative context
  • allowing your system to integrate it
  • as it already knows to do (without your interference)
  • enjoying your updated singing self more and more

Once that happens… exercises will seem like a total waste of time!

Introducing…The Singing Self Program

The world’s first choose-your-own-vocal-improvement-adventure program that in just a few months will overhaul your entire body/mind/voice/spirit so that you can do what you want when you want to, adjust and grow as needed and LOVE every f-ing minute of it.

I made this program for all of the vocal rebels, troublemakers, outsiders and weirdos who dare to do something different than the rest… the future is already here, but hardly any see it yet! You have to be a bit of a rare bird to get it.

Why choose-your-own-adventure style, you ask?

S icon in blue circle

Well, here’s some science for you.

It comes from Chaos Theory and Complexity Theory. We are linear/non-linear beings living in a linear/non-linear reality. Our brain is designed to organize the chaos into useful patterns and update old patterns by harnessing the chaos within and around us.

Choose-your-own-adventure style learning optimizes the process that we already operate by- but we just don’t know it.

Paradoxically, being too linear (aka most academic and traditional learning) creates a kind of chaos that leads to de-functionalization over time <– this is why exercises can lose their effectiveness after a while and why “well-trained” singers seem to get worse and worse after years and years of repetition of the same old patterns.

If you learn to harness the power of chaos in physical/vocal learning you’ll find a totally new way to be stable in the instability, confident in the confusion!

And, best of all, the entire notion of technique falls away. You do what’s natural because that’s what you’re designed to do and given the right process it’s what will automatically happen! Do this enough, with enough different learning processes and you’ll be a vocal genius in no time!

The Singing Self Program harnesses the power of Chaos to optimize learning.

Because here’s what’s in it for you,

my rebellious new best friend.

When you high-dive into the Singing Self Program, you’ll get:

  • A brand-new voice that makes you exclaim, “Wow! Was that really me?”
  • A new and updated version of the voice you know and love – it can keep its essence yet expand to become a world class instrument!
  • A sense of relief! You’ll learn to relax and trust your voice because it is integrated into ALL of you all of the time! No more superstitions and wasted time forgetting, remembering, forgetting and remembering again how to sing… ummm I mean “warming-up!” (Wink)
  • Those sleepless nights back! – And, you can stop swigging whisky and praying to the gods of voice every time you have to step on stage and, instead, trust yourself.
  • An experience of the state of vocal ever-readiness and functional spontaneity while continuing to grow and learn. You’ll surprise your friends, enemies and even yourself!
  • A new experience of you as you learn to improve your singing and vocal integration by way of a deep, respectful, somatically informed process that connects you with the wonders of your voice, your body and being. (Ahhhh.)

Is this really for me?

Even if…​

you think you don’t have the time… don’t worry, at just 2 classes a week and you’ll get through the program with plenty of time.

Even if…​

you think you’ll never be a professional singer or vocalist… don’t worry, you’ll get so much more out of this program than just a shiny new voice. And who knows, maybe you’ll feel different about it on the other side!

Even if…​

you still think vocal exercises and warm-ups are where it’s at… you’ll still be able to do them (no voice police here…), but *HOW* you’ll do them will be drastically different after the program!

Even if…​

you think you’ve explored everything there is to explore about your voice and yourself in relation to it, think again… you’ll see, once you get into it, the learning and possibilities for improvement are endless!


How long is The Singing Self Program?

The Singing Self Program is designed to be completed within a year if one sticks with it regularly (ca. 2 classes/week), but can comfortably be completed in 1.5-2 years.

Hence, my new subscription options:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months or
  • 1 year

You can renew your subscription again and again. You can also change subscription levels upon renewal.

Are the classes in the program live or recorded?

The main program is made up of recorded classes and lessons, but each year I do new classes online, live that any subscriber to the program at the time of the class can attend live if interested.

Nonetheless, each new class will be added to the SECRET BONUS LIBRARY shortly after the live event.

Check here to see what’s coming up.

What if I don’t know which classes are best for me? How do I know what to choose?

Don’t worry.

  1. There will be a description of each one. You can read through them before choosing.
  2. There’s a video in the program that explains how you can choose wisely.
  3. There’s no wrong answer! They’re all great and you’ll always learn something so… don’t sweat it.
  4. Part of what you’ll learn in the program is how to trust yourself!
When I’m in the program, can I change my mind and restart a section if I make a “choose-your-own-adventure” choice I don’t like?

Totally. You can back out and re-choose at any point. We make it easy and intuitive for you to “choose-your-own-adventure” with maximum learning and maximum ease.

How long does it usually take to get through the program?

The program contains 275 hours of content in phases 1-4. So, to finish that within one year one would need to do an average of 2.5 classes per week. 5 hours. AND, that does not include the SECRET BONUS LIBRARY of classes that becomes available after Phases 1-4 are completed which contains another 30+ hours of content/classes. (I keep adding to that, so it may be more by the time you get there…).

Some people move slowly for a while and then when they have more time do more classes, others stick to the steady 2.5 classes per week, others plow through as quickly as possible…

I recommend not trying to go too quickly as it is also important to have some rest/integration time between classes.

But, ultimately, it’s up to you.

What if I need or want personal 1-on-1 help while I’m in the program, is that possible?

I’m open to meeting with people in the program if a real question or issue arises that is holding up your progress through the material. There will be a special contact portal to me from within the program. You can ask questions there and I will answer via email. If a question or issue rises to the level of a need for an online, one-to-one meeting we can set one up.

If you are interested in a private voice lesson, that’s possible after you’ve completed at least one part each of PHASE TWO and THREE. Email Robert. We’ll see what we can work out.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes. Either wait till this period ends and choose another subscription level at that time, or cancel your current subscription and start a new one – just be sure to use the same email address.

Otherwise, your info inside the program (what you’ve watched, certificates, etc.) will be lost.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, of course, but this is a manual process and you will need to email us to make a cancellation request. Once that process is set in motion, we’ll respond to your request and we can take it from there.

How do subscriptions work?

There are three subscription levels for THE SINGING SELF PROGRAM: 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

They all come with full access to the program and live classe (see the Events page in the site menu) during the subscription period.

You can renew indefinitely, change subscription levels and request to cancel your subscription at any time.

If I subscribe at a discounted rate, what happens if/when I renew?

If you do a simple renewal (without changing levels) your discount will be continued with each renewal. If you change levels or cancel and start again, the discount is no longer valid.

This course is for you if​:

  • You’re ready to go on an adventure of inner and outer discovery!
  • You’re an iconoclast! A rebel! Let’s break the mold! Be a REBEL WITH A GOOD CAUSE!
  • You’re sick of being told WHAT to do, but not HOW to do it… Guess what?!? I’ll not only tell you how, but actually guide you through the process!
  • You want to DISCOVER your voice rather than force it to be what you think it should be!
  • You’ve hit Vocal Exercise “Rock Bottom” and you’re ready to trust in a higher power!
  • You know that weird is the new normal!
  • You know “moving the sh*t around” will never get you the clean vocal house of your Martha Stewart dreams.

This course is not for you if​:

  • You are currently satisfied with exercises and protocols
  • A “go hard, do more” attitude is essential to what you do
  • You believe that learning is linear and that is a value you hold dear
  • If you think SOVTs are the only interesting thing in the vocal universe…
  • You are not ready to be a co-pilot in your own learning experience
  • You want deep results without participating in a deep process!
  • You crave structure as a way to avoid personal responsibility and agency
  • You are satisfied with linear approaches


“​Robert is THE best teacher I’ve ever had…in any discipline! And we’ve literally never met in person (all our lessons have been virtual)! I had little formal voice training when I started working with Robert 5 years ago. I can now sing with my whole voice and my whole spirit! Do yourself a favor and take all the learning you can get from Robert Sussuma!​”

Stephen N.

Singer, New Orleans, LA.

Learning with Robert has been life changing and has completely changed the way I think about singing and voice lessons. Between bursting into “hallelujah!” tears of joy during private lessons, or pausing a recorded lesson from the library to exclaim “the man’s a magician!!” out loud – to an empty room – I’ve gained more freedom over the course of a few months than I could have ever even imagined possible.”

Chani L.

Singer and Voice Teacher, Ra'anana, Israel

“Working with Robert on voice is a uniquely explorational and inspiring experience. His approach to understanding and discovering your own voice’s specific gifts, unlocking them, and using them with ease and enjoyment is unlike any teacher I’ve ever worked with. Robert generously shows you the method behind the magic and puts the power of vocal knowledge directly into your own hands with the Singing Self Program.”

Brandon K.

Broadway Performer, NYC

“At first Robert’s work seems to be magic. “Turn your head like this, stick your tongue like that…” and presto! That stubborn problem you had with your high notes disappears into thin air. As I have gone deeper in the learning process, however, I have begun to understand that what this work really is about has nothing to do with magic. The Singing Self Program is a journey into yourself through awareness and movement accomplished with maximum enjoyment. Playing? Really? No sweating? No repetitions for the rest of my life? Apparently, learning is supposed to be FUN, ladies and gentlemen! Understanding the role that my emotions played in the behavior of my body has been most amazing for me. Behind every tension, every odd posture, was stored a gift waiting to be released. Decades of stagnant shame, anger, and sadness have flown out the window and that space is now filled with compassion, joy… love. I’m not done. Like Campbell’s hero’s, every journey ends where the next begins. But I’m more myself every step of the way!”

Tania B.

Singer, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Sample Videos and Classes from the Program

S icon in blue circle

Why me?


I’m Robert Sussuma, creator of THE SINGING SELF PROGRAM. This program is my valentine to every singer and voice teacher who’s tried all of the popular vocal techniques out there—and found themselves whispering, “Is that all there is?”

After a harrowing escape from a vocal cult, I realized that the best singers need a different, fresh take on their voices and how to improve them. The same ol’, same ol’ would never get them there. There is a Vocal Learning CODE and I cracked it!

When you enroll in THE SINGING SELF PROGRAM, you’ll find yourself presented with an array of adventures in the form of lessons that challenge your fundamental understanding of the voice… leading to better singing, teaching and, dare I say it… a better you. You’re into the same ol’ same ol’ voice stuff.


THE SINGING SELF PROGRAM is a blend of linear/nonlinear learning. There are aspects that are laid out for you to do in a particular order (introduction and class series) and other aspects that are left up to you to choose how you want to navigate your way through—choose-your-own-adventure style! Don’t worry— there are no wrong choices… but, at any point, you can go back and re-choose, just in case.

Here’s how it works…

Phase One​:

A thorough and enlightening introduction to the course including tips and hacks about how to get the most out of the program. Then 2 Introductory classes tear you apart and put you back together again (mentally and vocally) and give you the basic learning and awareness tools that will aid and guide you in the journey ahead!

Phase Two​:

You are presented a series of 5 choose-your-own-adventure options for GLOBAL REBALANCING that blends global, full-body awareness learning with particular, local vocal learning. The result is an integrated sense of body/self/voice while feeling acclimated to this new way of learning and being. You choose one, then move on to…

Phase Three​:

A deep dive into another choose-your-own-adventure array of particular vocal areas of focus – also 5 options. With your new whole body/self/voice connection and awareness all set up, now you can dive into the particulars of technique, style, vocal function and vocal learning – the nitty gritty without losing sight of your whole self! Start with what’s easy and/or most interesting for you. Choose one.

Then, you can go back and forth between what’s left in phases two and three until you complete all of the material in your own order – ideally alternating between WHOLE/PART/WHOLE until you’ve completed all of the material in both phases.

Phase Four​:

Once phases two and three are thoroughly completed (all 10 options in whatever order you choose), the door to the ​secret bonus library​ opens to you, one that is filled with a treasure trove of new classes and experiences only for the well-initiated. I’ll keep adding to this library as new classes are recorded. Once you complete the whole program (Phases 1-3), you can continue to have access to just the library for a reduced rate, year after year.

Do you really want to give up on your voice (and yourself) and just accept that what it is now is all that it will ever be?

Do you really want to stay hooked on those vocal exercises that only offer temporary relief (at best) but, for sure, keep you dependent and lost?

Do you really want to find yourself on your deathbed thinking… I wish I had learned to express myself vocally, artistically and emotionally in this life – I wish I had let my Singing Self SING!

Do you really want to go one more year without being the vocal badass you were meant to be?

I think not.